About Me

Innovator at the Intersection of AI and Human Connection

Welcome to my world at the crossroads of artificial intelligence and meaningful human interactions. My career is fueled by a relentless curiosity and a drive to transcend traditional boundaries. At the heart of my work lies a commitment to using technology not just to innovate, but to enhance our connections with each other and the world around us.

A Milestone in Pet AI

My notable contributions include pioneering one of the earliest mainstream applications of AI in pet care. This project was more than just technical—it was a mission to transform our relationships with our pets. The success of this initiative, from concept to acquisition, highlights my dedication to creating impactful solutions.

My Unique Lens: Neurodiversity in Tech

My neurodivergence shapes how I see and interact with the world, offering a unique perspective that challenges conventional thinking and fosters innovative problem-solving. In embracing my neurodiversity, I've turned potential obstacles into avenues for creativity, collaborating with those who value fresh and unconventional ideas.

A Curious Technical Creative

I describe myself as a curious technical creative, always exploring new intersections of the digital and physical realms. My journey is one of solitary discovery enriched by collaboration with others who share a vision for a technology-integrated future.

Inspired by the Cosmos

My fascination with the cosmos and natural patterns influences my philosophical and creative approach. I see profound connections between the macrocosm of space and the microcosm of human experience, driving my exploration of technology’s role in our search for meaning and connection.

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Are you intrigued by the intersection of AI and human connection? Do you share a passion for pushing the boundaries of what technology can achieve? Let’s explore the possibilities together.

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